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Ana Maria Passos-Castilho | Credit: Canadian Network on Hepatitis C
Inequities in HCV Care Cascade Engagement Persist, Even After Introduction of DAA Therapy

April 12th 2024

Although overall engagement in the HCV care cascade improved after the introduction of DAAs, vulnerable subgroups still received less testing and treatment.

Florian Koutny, MD | Credit: ResearchGate
Poorly Controlled Type 1 Diabetes Associated with MASLD in Children, Adolescents

April 12th 2024

Liver | Credit: Adobe Stock
HBV Viral Load, Surface Antigen Positivity Not Independently Associated with NAFLD

April 10th 2024

Product image of Resmetirom (Rezdiffra) | Credit: Madrigal Pharmaceuticals
Resmetirom (Rezdiffra) Now Available in US Pharmacies, Marks Turning Point in NASH Management

April 9th 2024

Marc Ganz, MD, MPH | Credit: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Study Debunks Association Between Hepatitis C, Prostate Cancer

April 9th 2024

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