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Zafar Gill, MD | Credit: Childrens Hospital Colorado
Study Links Maternal Asthma to Blinding Eye Disease in Premature Infants

July 22nd 2024

New research presented at ASRS 2024 links maternal asthma to a higher risk of advanced retinopathy of prematurity.

Virginia Clark, MD | Credit: University of Florida Health
SEQUOIA: Fazirsiran Reduces Serum, Liver Z-AAT Concentrations, Improves Hepatic Globule Burden

July 10th 2024

Pulmonology Month in Review: June 2024
Pulmonology Month in Review: June 2024

July 9th 2024

Marc Miravitlles, MD | Credit: Vall d’Hebron University
PI*SS Genotype Linked to Decreased Risk of AATD-Related Lung Disease

July 8th 2024

7 FDA Drug Decisions Anticipated Before the End of 2024
7 FDA Drug Decisions Anticipated Before the End of 2024

July 7th 2024

Video Series
Video Interviews
Health Consequences of Climate Change with Janelle Bludorn, PA-C, MS
Stopping Lung Cancer Before It Starts with Steven Dubinett, MD, and Avrum Spira, MD
The Changing Community-Acquired Pneumonia Landscape with Thomas File, MD, MSc, MACP
Community-Based Asthma Challenges and Solutions, with Stephanie Lovinsky-Desir, MD, MS
2024 State of the Air: Record Highs in US Particle Pollution, with Dr. John Balmes
Improving Donor Lung Allocation with Kenneth McCurry, MD & Maryam Valapour, MD, MPP
Pursuing Lung Cancer Precision Medicine, with Jonathan Spicer, MD, PhD
The Physician Burnout Crisis, with Sue Padernacht, EDd, PCC
A Headline Year in Pulmonology: The Lungcast 2023 Recap

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