Reading Room: Getting Loaded

Physician's Money DigestMay 31 2004
Volume 11
Issue 10

Getting Loaded

Who wants to be a millionaire and still beyoung enough to enjoy it?While there may not be a triedand true formula to striking itrich, it may be a step in theright direction to start by livingyour life on your own terms. Inhis new book, ($12.95;New American Library; 2003), Peter G.Bielagus upholds this endeavor as thecatalyst to leading and maintaining ahealthy financial path. His insights canbe applied to medical students andyoung physicians.

With his witty and often humorousremarks, Bielagus, an entrepreneur andinvestor, offers 50 secrets on wise savingand investing plans. The strategiesare presented in an easy-to-follow format,embellished with quick referenceicons and useful worksheets enablingthe reader to easily integratethe advice with their ownfinancial situation. The bookaddresses financial issues thatyoung physicians may or maynot know about, includingeverything from saving moneyby not spending on unnecessarypurchases to how-to's on approachingmutual funds.

Getting Loaded

Getting Loaded

offers a refreshinglook into the world of personal finance,where both medical students andyoung physicians can pick up an arrayof useful tips for their own finances.While does notattempt to address each and everyaspect of your personal finances, it's anexcellent source of guidelines that willcatapult you into making your financeswork for you, and not the other wayaround.

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