Education Pays

Physician's Money Digest, May 31 2004, Volume 11, Issue 10

The AACC reports that students who obtain associatedegrees and certificates are more likely tomove into higher-status management and professionalpositions with greater earnings. For example,the association notes that students who earn associatedegrees average lifetime earnings of $250,000more than those without degrees.

Journal ofBusiness and Economic Perspectives

Studies also show that society gains from supportinghigher education. According to the AACC, 32.8% ofcommunity college students receive some type offinancial aid. A study published in the reveals that forevery dollar Tennessee invests in higher education, societycan expect an average return of $9.30. However, foran individual with a 2-year associate degree, that cost-benefitratio is even higher, at $10.52.

In addition, community colleges offer a widerange of credit and noncredit programs in occupationsthat the Bureau of Labor Statistics says are nowin high demand. These include the fields of digitalsystems, dental hygiene, and registered nursing.