Close wounds quickly with an external tissue expander

Surgical Rounds®, September 2007, Volume 0, Issue 0

Close wounds quickly with an external tissue expander—Wound Care Technologies has released DermaClose? RC, a continuous external tissue expander. DermaClose RC facilities the closure of moderate-to-large wounds quickly. It employs continuous radial tension to gently and quickly make adjacent tissue available for closure of full-thickness wounds up to 15 cm in diameter. Surgical stainless steel skin anchors are placed approximately 1.5 cm from the edge of the wound and penetrate the skin into the subcutaneous tissue. Each anchor is then stapled twice with a standard skin stapler, which comes with the DermaClose RC kit. The nylon suture line from the DermaClose RC tension controller is attached around each skin anchor, and the knob is rotated until a clutch mechanism provides an audible indication when full tension is achieved. Due to the constant force design, no additional tightening is required. When the wound edges are brought close together, the wound is ready for closure.

DermaClose RC minimizes the need to undermine wound margins, decreasing chances of tissue death. It has been shown to reduce the length of scars significantly when compared with other closure techniques. This single-patient-use device provides health care professionals with greater flexibility to address moderate-to-large acute and chronic wounds.

Wound Care Technologies (800) 896-0436

HD flat panel display for the OR—Laparoscopic surgery and high-definition endoscopy require accurate and reliable video images. Barco now offers the MDSC-2124, a 24", 2-megapixel color display that incorporates the latest LCD technology. The MDSC-2124 delivers bright and crisp pictures in HD, providing surgical teams with detailed, artifact-free images, while meeting patient safety standards and the space requirements of the OR. The display's wide 24" screen has a native resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels for viewing patient information, pathology images, and endoscopic video with pinpoint precision. Also available is the MDSC-1119, a 19" 1.3-megapixel LCD display. The MDSC-1119 features a high-contrast ratio, high color depth, and a wide viewing angle, to maximize image accuracy.

Barco (866) 302-7939 e-mail

Fixed-wire and wire-guided balloon dilators—Boston Scientific's CRE? Fixed Wire Balloon Dilator is designed to give surgeons the ability to achieve three distinct diameters at three separate pressures during in vivo dilation. Its rounded shoulders facilitate visualization of strictures while dilating. The high-pressure balloon produces little or no balloon waisting and is engineered for rapid deflation. The CRE Wireguided Balloon Dilator includes the same features as the Fixed Wire Balloon with the addition of a preloaded guidewire, designed to facilitate placement within tight strictures and tortuous anatomy. It may also reduce procedure time. Some experts have concluded that using a guidewire is a much safer and easier option for accurately passing the catheter through the anastomosis following a Roux-en-Y procedure and prior to inflation of the balloon for dilation when the anastomosis measures less than 5 mm.

Boston Scientific

Cartridge-based device assists in building brachytherapy seed trains—The QuickLink? Delivery System, from Bard Urological, Inc, is a cartridge-based device that is designed to help physicians assemble brachytherapy seeds, spacers, and SourceLink? Connectors into seed trains of variable lengths and with variable seed-to-seed spacing. When treating prostate cancer with brachytherapy, time is critical, accuracy is paramount, and correct dosimetry is essential. The QuickLink system makes building custom seed trains quick, simple, and safe. It delivers the benefits of a connected implant with the advantages of real-time planning. The QuickLink delivery system is simple and intuitive for efficient loading, it creates custom needle loads with variable spacing, and it allows easy verification of seed and link configurations. The QuickLink delivery system is designed to be used solely with SourceLink Connectors.

Bard Urological Division (888) 367-2273

Guide catheter facilitates directed laser ablation—Spectranetics Corporation's TURBO-Booster functions as a guiding catheter used to treat arterial stenoses and occlusions in the leg. It facilitates the directed laser ablation of blockages in infrainguinal arteries at or above the knee. When combined with Spectranetics' TURBO elite laser catheter, the two are highly effective at treating lesions composed of calcium, thrombus, or fibrotic tissue. Together, they remove large amounts of plaque, create larger lumens, efficiently treat long, diffuse disease, and effectively target both eccentric and concentric lesions in the superficial femoral artery and popliteal arteries.

Spectranetics Corporation (800) 633-0960

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