Primary Care Connection

Physician's Money Digest, June15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 11

AmeriScan connects with primary care doctors in itsPartners In Wellness program. According toAmeriScan, "Physicians who partner with AmeriScanexpand the health screenings and diagnostic capabilitiesof their practice without expanding their patientvolumes."Through the program, the patients of participatingphysicians receive a free follow-up visit fromtheir primary care doctor after AmeriScan screenings.Physicians have immediate access to patient's imagesand reports via AmeriScan's Internet server.

Dr. Bittner estimates that more than 1000 doctorsparticipate. "Many physicians will join the programand their partners will become unofficial participants,so it's probably a lot more than that,"he said."The reactions are extremely positive. I know manydoctors who express frustration when patients donot make the necessary lifestyle changes that thephysician recommends. Those same patients come toAmeriScan for a full body scan and see, in 3-dimensionalcolor, the damage caused to their heart fromlack of exercise or a poor diet, and make the changesrequired to lead a healthier life. Of course physiciansare going to get excited when they see patientsmake positive lifestyle changes."

For information on the Partners In Wellness programor joining AmeriScan's Physician ReferralNetwork, call 480-315-1020 ext 221 or e-mail