Physician's Money DigestJune15 2003
Volume 10
Issue 11

America: A

Patriotic Primer

The income tax bill for PresidentBush and First Lady LauraBush came to $268,719 last year,about 31% of the $856,056 inincome that was reported on their1040. Included in the income werethe president's salary and investmentincome from trusts that holdtheir assets. Among the deductionsthe Bushes claimed were morethan $84,000 in charitable donationsand almost $20,000 in propertytaxes on the couple's ranch inCrawford, Tex. Vice PresidentCheney and his wife, Lynne,reported income of $1.2 millionlast year and paid $341,114 intaxes. They gave almost $122,000to charity, including royalties fromMrs. Cheney's book, .

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