Physician's Money Digest, June15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 11


another good one:

Good news! You don't have topay income taxes because the 16thAmendment, which authorized theincome tax, was never ratified. You don't have topay taxes because it's voluntary. Ifyou surf the Internet at all, you probablyhave come across at least 1 ofthese bogus reasons why you don'thave to shoulder your share of thenation's tax burden. Reading themcan be fun, but taking them seriouslycan get expensive. There's a $500penalty for filing a frivolous taxreturn, plus you pay back taxes, interest,and underpayment penalties.And taking the IRS to court over aspurious claim could cost you asmuch as $25,000. For a list of 21phony antitax arguments and legalrefutations, go to