Physician's Money DigestJune15 2003
Volume 10
Issue 11

(Reuters, 2003)

26—Age at which most Americansthink a person is "grown up."

(Wall Street Journal, 2003)

$37,928—Annual tuition, fees, androom and board at Harvard University.


Street Journal, 2003)

$34,100—Annual tuition, fees, androom and board for a student at theUniversity of Notre Dame.

(Time, 2003)

$10 million—Compensation in 2002for the chairman of the New YorkStock Exchange.

(Time, 2003)

210 million—Number of boxes ofcookies sold by the Girl Scouts in 2002.

(ASPS, 2003)

85%—Percentage of the 7.6 millionplastic surgery patients in 2002 whowere women.

(Washington Post, 2003)

$5 million—Payment by the Universityof Texas for the Watergate papersof Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.

(BusinessWeek, 2003)

$7.4 million—Average annual compensationfor a US CEO in 2002.


Institute, 2003)

2200—Total square footage for anaverage US home.


Institute, 2003)

34%—Percentage of US homes thathave 4 or more bedrooms.

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