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Physician's Money DigestNovember15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 21

(National Journal, 2004)

$5.8 billion—Projected net loss for the Amtrak rail system over the past 5 years.

(National Endowment for the Arts, 2004)

57%—Percentage of Americans who say they have read a book in the past year.

(Wall Street Journal, 2004)

52%—Percentage of all purchases in the United States made with a debit or credit card.

(Governing, 2004)

$400,000—Annual salary for the Louisiana State University head football coach.

(Governing, 2004)

$305,000—Annual salary for the Miami-Dade County, Fla, superintendent of schools.

(Governing, 2004)

$256,155—Annual salary for the Los Angeles, Calif, chief of police.

(Governing, 2004)

$250,000—Annual salary for the Beverly Hills, Calif, city manager.

(Governing, 2004)

$190,000—Annual salary for the Philadelphia, Pa, chief information officer.

(Governing, 2004)

$170,000—Annual salary for the Washington, DC, chief financial officer.

(Governing, 2004)

$102,000—Annual salary for the Little Rock, Ark, fire chief.

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