Cinema Consults: ALONG CAME POLLY

Physician's Money DigestNovember15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 21

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Came Polly


the Parents

Keeping the


There's Something

About Mary

ALONG CAMEPOLLY (2004):Ben Stiller justseems to be amovie-making factorythese past fewyears. It seems asthough hardly aweek goes by thatone of his movies iseither in theaters or being releasedon video. That's not a bad thing,unless of course the quality of worksuffers. This is the case with . As I recall, the movieinitially did well in theaters, and thepremise showcased in the trailersseemed funny. Ben Stiller playsuptight Reuben Feffer, a risk analystfor a major insurance consultingfirm who falls for Polly Prince(Jennifer Aniston), a completelyuninhibited free spirit who is Feffer'sexact opposite. The plot trudgesalong through a series of disjointedscenes that offer few laughs andeven fewer moments of chemistrybetween Stiller and Aniston. Theonly characters worth watching areSandy Lyle, a has-been child starportrayed by the very funny PhilipSeymour Hoffman, and Claude, theCaribbean scuba instructor playedby the very versatile Hank Azaria. Ifyou are interested in seeing a greatBen Stiller movie, I am sad to saythat this is not a good choice.However, you can always rent oneof the following Stiller classics: (2000), (2000), or (1998).

Rating: 1

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