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Healthy Real Estate

Physician's Money Digest, July 2005, Volume 12, Issue 10

Peer pressure:

Where you live in the United Statescould determine the quality of health careyou receive. Of course, it all depends onwhat's ailing you. For example, if youhave high cholesterol, you might want toconsider removing Idaho from your list offavorite places to live. No, there's nothingwrong with the potatoes; you just won'tfind yourself in the company of peoplewho consider cholesterol testing a priority.That's what the Agency for HealthcareResearch and Quality (AHRQ; www.ahrq.gov) recently found out after gatheringdata from all 50 states and the Districtof Columbia. Backed by the Departmentof Health and Human Services, AHRQhas wrapped up its second NationalHealthcare Quality Report, which tracksthe nation's quality of care state by state.In all, there are 14 categories, whichhealth care officials say are not intendedto showcase the best and worst states.By showing each statehow it fares against the average, AHRQhopes that closing the care gap willbecome a national priority. If you'reinterested in seeing the report, you candownload a copy at www.qualitytools.ahrq.gov/qualityreport/state.