Shrinking Kitties Grow

Physician's Money DigestJuly 2005
Volume 12
Issue 10

Probable punch line:

Did you hear the one about theAmerican physician who finally closedhis family practice at age 100? Turns outthat the good doctor didn't save enoughmoney to retire. Asfarfetched as working into your 80s or90s may sound, the lack of savings sensein this country may just produce such afuture. According to a survey by theEmployee Benefit Research Institute, USworkers seem to be suffering from a badcase of self-deceit when it comes to theirretirement funds. In response to thehigher cost of living, lots of folks arestarting to save less for tomorrow andspend more on today, deciding to prolongtheir working life to make up forlost retirement income. The only problem is that sometimes the best-laid fiscalplans go awry, and that old high schooltennis injury may begin to act up as youapproach normal retirement age. In thiscase, it won't only be your tennis gamethat suffers; the plans you made tofinally save for your golden years byworking will need tweaking for you tolive comfortably.

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