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HSA Insider Guide

Physician's Money Digest, July 2005, Volume 12, Issue 10

Are you a physician having troublelocating a health savings account (HSA)insurer in your area? Then look no furtherthan the HSA Insider Web site(www.hsainsider.com). Simply click onyour state and you will be shown a list ofproviders available. In addition to helpingyou find an insurer, the Web site also providesyou with a wealth of informationon HSAs. The Q & A section on the sitelists the answer to virtually any questionyou can think of about HSAs. And if bychance you don't find the particularanswer you're looking for, you can clickon their Ask an Expert section and submityour question. You can also searchtheir news archives for a plethora ofHSA-related articles from a wide varietyof news sources, or you can sign up tohave an HSA newsletter e-mailed to you.