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Premium Prowess?

Physician's Money Digest, July 2005, Volume 12, Issue 10


is less:

If the high price of gasoline has gotyou bargain shopping at the pump andyou're starting to feel a little guiltyabout filling up your V8 with regulargas, you can stop worrying. It turns outit's unlikely that a premium-free dietwill harm your vehicle's engine, even ifthe owner's manual recommends usingthe most expensive grade. That's becausemost engines today are equippedto handle the differences in octane. Although your steel horse isn'tpicky when it comes to fuel, be awarethat penny pinching can result in a lossof power and fuel economy; therefore,it's a good idea to test several grades.Now, if you happen to be behind thewheel of a car whose engine doesn'trequire top-of-the-line gasoline, forgetabout premium. In this case, you couldbe doing your car more harm than goodby picking premium, especially duringthe colder months. Higher-octane problemsinclude trouble getting the carstarted and a bumpier ride.