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Kerri Nelen & Brian Johnson

Physician's Money Digest, July 2005, Volume 12, Issue 10

There's just one catch:

Ponzi's Scheme: The

True Story of a Financial Legend

Financial Freedom: Creating True Wealth


Traveling light without sacrificingquality personal time is getting easier thesedays. This is good news for doctors whoenjoy catching up on their fiscal studiesduring long car trips or airplane flights.You'll need anMP3 player if you haven't already madefriends with this latest audio gadget. Yourpocket-sized library will give you audibleaccess to dozens of financial books on themarket today, including MitchellZuckoff's tale of the man behind one ofthe biggest business fiascos in early 20thcenturyAmerica, (RandomHouse; 2005), and Suze Orman's(Riverhead Trade; 2003). Stop byiTunes.com or Audible.com for a list ofother financial books available onMP3.