Mars and Venus Clash Over Investing, Too

Physician's Money DigestOctober 2005
Volume 12
Issue 14

According to a recent study by MerrillLynch, women take a more static approachto investing, meaning they're likely to holdon to stocks longer and perform better inthe market in the long term. The survey of500 men and 500 women found that menwere more likely to become emotionalwhen losing stocks, becoming angry andselling them quickly. Women, however,weren't as interested in investing andviewed it as a necessary inconvenience. Thestudy found that 47% of men admitted toholding on to an investment too long, comparedto 35% of women. Also, 32% of mensaid that greed was a big factor in theirinvestment mistakes, while only 16% ofwomen said the same. Another 32% of mensaid that they had allocated too much intoa single investment, compared to 23% ofwomen. Men are also nearly twice as likelyto purchase a hot investment without properlyresearching it first.

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