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Physician's Money DigestOctober 2005
Volume 12
Issue 14


No matter what type of insuranceyou're looking for—auto, life, health,etc—trying to shop for a new policy canbe a daunting task, especially for a busyphysician. According to a article, insurance buyers essentially havethree places to shop for insurance: exclusiveagents, nonexclusive agents, andonline brokers. If you're sold on a certaincompany, an exclusive agent is a goodchoice, as they can provide you with agreater amount of insight. However, mostagents today are nonexclusive, meaningthey handle a variety of policies from differentinsurance companies. Online brokershave been on the rise for the past fewyears, due to their simplicity in policy comparisonand the ability to buy insuranceunder your own conditions. A good placeto start is your current insurance company'sWeb site, where you may discover thatyour existing policy is already your bestbuy. Then branch out to the other companiesto see what they have to offer andcompare policy prices.

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