Parenting Tips for Raising Money-wise Kids

Physician's Money DigestOctober 2005
Volume 12
Issue 14



Want to give your child a big head startin life? By introducing them to personalfinance at a young age, they're likely tograsp the finer concepts of saving andspending long before they leave home forcollege. Even if you don't consider yourselfthe perfect financial role model, you canstill mold Junior into a fiscally-fit kid. A good old-fashioned allowancecan work wonders when it comes to learningabout budgeting. Just make sure youinclude household chores as part of thepackage, according to finance wizard SuzeOrman. In addition to pointing out thatmoney doesn't grow on trees, working foran allowance will teach them the value ofhard work. If you're not keen on the ideaof discussing money management withyour child, consider that only seven statescurrently require high school students totake a personal finance course. This factraises the question: If not you,then who will teach them?

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