Cardiology Case Report: Weight Loss


Check out the latest cardiology case report from Brady Pregerson, MD. This case features a woman in her mid-50s presenting with generalized weakness, vomiting, and a 35-pound weight loss in the last 3 months. Can you determine the correct diagnosis?

Cardiology Case Report

History: A woman in her mid-50’s presents to the hospital with vomiting, generalized weakness and 35 pound weight loss over a 3 month period. She denies any pain, fever, diarrhea or other complaints. She reportedly was diagnosed with some type of abdominal mass 2 months ago and was unable follow up with a specialist due to insurance issues so returns to the ER.

Exam: Vital signs are normal. Here exam is fairly unremarkable. Oropharynx is moist and she does not appear cachectic

An EKG is done:

EKG of a woman presenting to the hospital.

Computer Read: Sinus bradycardia at 59 with 1st degree AVB, Left axis deviation, nonspecific ST abnormality

What is the most likely cause of the EKG findings in this patient?

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