Cardiology & Nephrology Collaborations with Dr. Matthew Weir


In this podcast episode, Jorge Plutzky, MD, and Michael Farkouh, MD, speak with University of Maryland's Matthew Weir, MD, about the growing involvement of renal care in modern heart disease patients.

Some of the leading drug classes in modern cardiometabolic and cardiovascular care now carry indications—and even more seek implicative data—for the co-treatment of renal outcomes in comorbid patients.

As the understood capability of agents like SGLT-2 inhibitors evolves with newer cardiorenal outcomes, so does the team dedicated to treating such patients.

HCPLive’s newest monthly multimedia series, Heart Team, is dedicated to highlighting the research, principles, and practice insights that define the current cardiology care team.

The show will focus on topics on recent news in research, FDA developments, emerging literature, their own case studies, their personal experiences as caregivers and prescribers, and what more is yet to be learned in the rapidly expanding field. Its first episode, published this week, provides insight into the emerging role of nephrology in heart care.

In this special, downloadable podcast from the first episode, the Heart Team co-hosts—a pair of cardiologists—discuss these topics and more with a nationally-leading nephrologist.

Jorge Plutzky, MD, Director of Preventive Cardiology at Harvard Medical School, and Michael Farkouh, MD, Director of the Peter Munk Clinical Trials Unit and Vice Chair of Medicine at the University of Toronto, speak with Matthew Weir, MD, director of the division of nephrology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, on simultaneously treating the kidney and the heart.

To watch the full video episode of this Heart Teams, follow this link.

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