Keeping Current for Your Practice

Cardiology Review® OnlineOctober 2011
Volume 27
Issue 1

Mike Hennessy

Letter from the Publisher

Cardiology Review has a long and rich history, and we are proud to bring it back with a fresh look and new ways to help physicians keep current in their practice. In this 24/7 world, physicians realize that a multitude of information is at their fingertips on the Internet, and in fact, they can find countless online resources to help them in their profession. But with physicians’ always pressing need to stay current in their field, ultimately the most useful information revolves around the very latest published research and studies. That’s where Cardiology Review comes in—bringing together the most valuable content directly to the physician—or, as we say, “What you need, when you need it most!”

This journal will prove to be one of your “must-reads” right away, as we will continue our mission to bring you the most relevant, timely, and thought-provoking content in your field. Under this new roof you’ll find Reviews of key articles from the literature that examine the thrust of the material and explain them in detail. Next, our expert authors provide an informative Commentary to kick off the discussion, bring out salient points, and raise questions. Finally, these Review articles form the basis for the CME lesson in this issue of Cardiology Review—and provide you with the opportunities to test your new knowledge right away. Each upcoming issue will gather together current research and offer this unique chance to learn again.

Additionally, we offer timely congress and convention coverage in “Meeting Report” as well as a look down the road at important conferences and meetings. “News & Trends” brings significant news from the world of cardiology and will help you stay up-to-date. Finally, your patients are not shy about telling you what they know about their medical condition, so the “What Your Patients Are Reading” column will tip you off and provide insight.

We offer you the opportunity to take the CME activity online at www.cardiologyreview. com each and every issue. Part of, this Web site will enhance your practice, offer new ways to look at important topics, and perhaps most importantly, keep you current and on top of what you need to know. Look for additional online resources and watch for an iPad launch for this distinguished journal.

Keeping patients healthy and utilizing best practices—and keeping an open mind as to how best to accomplish these worthy goals—is the reason Cardiology Review is arriving at your door.

Thank you for reading!

Mike Hennessy

President, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

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