New Heart Failure Data from ESC 2021 with Marat Fudim, MD


Manesh Patel, MD, kicks off his first podcast by discussing HFpEF findings in EMPEROR-Preserved, the GUIDE-HF trial and more with his Duke colleague.

Episode highlights

0:14 Introducing new host Manesh Patel, MD
1:37 Marat Fudim, MD, MHS: Defining HFpEF
4:57 Adequately testing HFpEF
7:57 EMPEROR-Preserved data at ESC 2021
12:18 Is empagliflozin an “expensive diuretic?”
17:39 Applying renal outcomes from EMPEROR-Preserved
22:20 The new GUIDE-HF findings
28:20 The future of HFpEF devices and therapies
33:49 Outro

There is a rapid rate of new cardiovascular research, therapies, and guidance coming from some of the greatest minds in medicine on a regular basis.

What’s more, the cross-sections of heart, metabolic, and renal disease have fully converged on these topics; today’s ever-changing discussion of modern cardiovascular care implicates numerous clinicians all at once.

It helps to have an expert at the center of it, available to help steer peers toward what research matters most in cardiology.

Introducing Heart Beats with Manesh Patel, MD, a new monthly podcast series from HCPLive. Patel is the Chief of the Divisions of Clinical Pharmacology and Cardiology, as well as the Richard Sean Stack, MD Distinguished Professor at the Duke University School of Medicine.

Every month, Patel and a featured guest will be breaking down relevant cardiovascular research—whether it be new or old—that can be applied to practice today. In this first episode, he and his Duke colleague, Marat Fudim, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, explore heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF).

Their topics include new empagliflozin data reported in EMPEROR-Preserved, the new GUIDE-HF findings, their strategies for HFpEF screening, and the future of heart failure treatment.

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