The Best from AHA & TCT 2021 with Jennifer Rymer, MD


Manesh Patel, MD, and his colleague Rymer delve into the most impactful and interesting trials presented at the Fall cardiovascular meetings.

Episode highlights

0:16 Intro
1:48 FAME 3 data at TCT
7:23 New dual anti-platelet therapy data
11:01 RAPID CABG data at AHA
13:29 AVATAR data at AHA
15:34 Surgical AHA findings
18:46 IMPULSE study and SGLT-2 data
21:00 CRAVE data at AHA
24:50 Final thoughts

The Fall schedule alignment of the annual Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapy (TCT) and American Heart Association (AHA) meetings provide cardiologists an ample supply of new practice-implicating data points and findings to review headed into the new year—not to mention more clear direction on what should become greater focus at future cardiovascular research meetings.

The final 2021 episode of Heart Trials with Manesh Patel, MD, dives into a dozen-plus major trials highlighted at either meeting this year, featuring perspective from a pair of colleagues on the frontline of research and care in the field.

Patel, Chief of the Divisions of Clinical Pharmacology and Cardiology, and the Richard Sean Stack, MD Distinguished Professor at the Duke University School of Medicine, is joined by Jennifer Rymer, MD, assistant professor of medicine in Duke’s Department of Cardiology, for a review of TCT and AHA 2021.

Chief among the studies reviewed by the pair are:

  • FAME 3

Heart Beats is the cardiovascular research and practice podcast from HCPLive, hosted by Manesh Patel, MD. Every month, Patel and a featured guest will be breaking down relevant cardiovascular research—whether it be new or old—that can be applied to practice today.

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