Offer an Easier Cholesterol Test

Physician's Money DigestMarch15 2003
Volume 10
Issue 5

One problem in getting patients tohave their cholesterol checked isfear. Many patients avoid doctor visits,rather then face the needle in the armthat traditional blood tests require.

Now there's a Clinical LaboratoryImprovement Act (CLIA)-waived devicethat can provide a full lipid profile plusglucose from a simple finger stick (1drop of whole blood), much like theglucometers that diabetics use to measureblood sugar. There are a number ofdifferent tests that can be run on theLDX® Analyzer made by Cholestech. Alipid profile test (eg, total cholesterol,triglycerides, high-density lipoprotein[HDL], low-density lipoprotein, verylow-density lipoprotein, and a totalcholesterol/HDL ratio) and a lipid profile plus glucose test are available.

There is also a new CLIA-waivedtest for alanine transaminase for measuringliver enzymes. This newest testalso works with just a drop of bloodand takes approximately 5 minutes.All tests run on the LDX® Analyzerare so simple to perform that the FDAhas granted them CLIA-waived status.Another benefit to your practice isthat Medicare reimburses all of thetests. Contact Cholestech (800-733-0404; for moreinformation and a revenue analysisfor your practice.

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