Physician's Money Digest, March15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 5

A better way:

Credit card holders may like theair miles, hotel discounts, and cashrebates they get from their creditcard companies, but they often don'tstop to figure out the cost of collectingthe goodies. Your card companymay be hitting you with an annualfee that wipes out any rewards youget. A card like theAmerican Express Options card(800-223-2670) has no annual feeand rewards you with 1 air mile forevery dollar you spend. WithAmtrak's Guest Rewards MasterCard (800-932-2775), you getpoints that you can trade for Amtraktickets or air miles. Just want cash?Discover Card (800-347-3683) offersrebates up to 1% of your purchases.You can also double the valueof the rebate by using it at one ofDiscover's rebate partners.