Physician's Money DigestMarch15 2003
Volume 10
Issue 5

You can save on your car insuranceif you drop collision and comprehensivecoverage on that oldclunker your children drive. If thecar's worth less than $1500, it's notworth the extra premium to protect itagainst collision damage or theft. Onthe other hand, make sure you haveuninsured-motorist coverage—1 ofevery 7 drivers on the road doesn'thave insurance. Also, make sure yourhome is insured against flood damageif your home is in a flood-pronearea; get in touch with the NationalFlood Insurance Program (800-427-4661; to findout if it is. Although homeownersinsurance covers most of your furnishings,insurers generally cap coverageon items like computers, furcoats, or jewelry. You may need arider to get full protection.

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