Physician's Money DigestMarch15 2003
Volume 10
Issue 5

Is it a good idea to sign up forcredit card and debit card "clubs"that offer to monitor your creditreports, offer auto-club or travel-clubbenefits, or discounts on anarray of products and services?According to the FDIC ConsumerNews, the best way to know is tomake sure you understand theterms of the program. Watch out forplans that are offered free for a certainperiod, then automatically tackon a charge to your credit card afterthat. If you think some of the program'sbenefits are right for you,shop around to see if you can getthem cheaper somewhere else. Andmake sure the program continues tobe useful. If you fly less frequentlythan you did when you signed up, aclub that offers discount airfaresmay no longer be worthwhile.

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