Financial Statement Fundamentals

Physician's Money Digest, March15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 5

Financial Statement

Analysis: A Practitioner's Guide

Most doctors can read a medicalchart and discern the vital elementsrather quickly. Not so with financialstatements. Indeed, most physician-investorswould agree that a financialstatement intimidates them. To fortifyyour financial knowledge and learnhow to better understand a company'sbalance sheets and income and cashflow statements, pick up a copy of thethird edition of (JohnWiley & Sons; 2002) by Martin Fridsonand Fernando Alvarez. The book, writtenby experts well versed in the theoryand practice of finance, is considered afirst-class guide to the art of readingbetween the lines of financial statements.In light of today's market events,it's an essential investment skill.