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Physician's Money DigestDecember15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 23

(Roll Call, 2004)

$16 million—Net worth of former Representative Porter Goss, thenew CIA director.

NFL Monday Night


(Ad Age, 2004)

$323,000—Cost of a 30-second ad on ABC-TV's .

The Apprentice


Age, 2004)

$409,877—Cost of a 30-second ad on ABC-TV's .

(Gallup Poll, 2004)

44%—Percentage of Americans who say they trust the mass media.

(American Society of Microbiology, 2004)

48%—Percentage of neckties worn by medical staff members that havepotentially harmful germs.

(Money, 2004)

25%—Percentage of all credit reports that contain serious errors.

(Money, 2004)

$17.5 billion—Total current cash holdings for the drug companyPfizer, Inc.

(New York Times, 2004)

$497 million—Total loses for National Hockey League (NHL) teamsover the past two seasons.

(New York

Post, 2004)

$1.8 million—Average annual salary for an NHL player.

(Money, 2004)

5.7%—Percentage of US citizens who hold science or engineeringdegrees.

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