Auto Finance Insurance

Physician's Money DigestDecember15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 23

The answer:


It's a car owner's nightmare. Thatbrand new set of wheels gets totaledshortly after you drive it off the dealer'slot. If you took out a long-term loan onthe car, you would most likely owethousands of dollars more on the loanthan the car is worth. gapinsurance, which often comes as a riderto your regular auto policy. It generallypays a percentage over the value of thecar if you owe more money on it thanit's worth when it's totaled. You maypay as much as 10% extra on your collisioncoverage or a flat fee of $15 to$20 a year for the protection.Gap insurance is less important ifyou make a big down payment on thecar and opt for a shorter loan life.

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