Practice Investing Online

Physician's Money DigestDecember15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 23

What is investing on margin all about?How do you properly set up an onlinetrading account? What's the differencebetween a market order and a limit order?If you are in the dark about any of thesefinancial subjects, a quick run through theeducational online investment simulatorput up by the North American SecuritiesAdministrators Association ( can enlighten you. Thesimulator allows you to track hypotheticaltrades and experience profits and lossesfirsthand. You'll learn, for instance,that a market order allows a broker toexecute a trade for you at any price,whereas a limit order must be executed atthe price you specify or not at all. Forvolatile stocks, the simulator suggests, alimit order is the better way to go. There'salso a quick quiz to help you determine ifyou're ready to invest online.

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