The Malpractice Protection Guide

Physician's Money DigestDecember15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 23

What's behind the medical malpracticecrisis? What legal reforms wouldalleviate the crisis? What can youdo to prevent litigation? Whatdo you do when you have beensued? Are there alternatives tothe current system?

Medical Malpractice: A

Physician's Sourcebook

In ($49.50;Humana Press; 2005), a panel ofphysicians, attorneys, academics, researchers,and insurance experts considerthese and other questions about the originand nature of the medical malpracticelitigation crisis, as well as possiblesolutions and alternatives to the currentsystem. The book is edited by RichardAnderson, MD, the CEO of California-basedThe Doctors Company (, a top national physician-ownedmalpractice carrier.

The authors focus on the clinical faceof litigation from the perspective of thepracticing physician in a variety of specialties.Additional chaptersexamine the litigation processitself. Public policy experts arguethe case for legal reform, suggestchanges in medical-legaljurisprudence that can be ofimmediate benefit, and reflecton the broader problems of ourentire health care system and its interfacewith law and social policy.

"This comprehensive new resourcegets to the heart of issues facing today'sphysicians," says Dr. Anderson, a StanfordMedical School graduate. "It focuses onthe practical aspects of malpractice lawsuitsand prepares doctors to participatein the public policy debate for legalreform." To order a copy, call 973-256-1699 or visit

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