Taking the Road Less Traveled

Physician's Money DigestDecember15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 23

The Road Less

Traveled: A New Psychology of Love,

Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth

Using Zen-like simplicity, M. ScottPeck, MD, begins his self-helpbook with, "Life is difficult."Whatfollows in the bestseller (25th Anniversary ed; Touchstone; 2003) isa breakdown of life's struggles and a guideto spiritual and psychological growth.

The Road Less Traveled


and the Spirit: Lessons for the Journey

The Different Drum: Community Making

and Peace

is one of severalbooks written by Dr. Peck, including (Reprint ed; Three Rivers Press; 2000) and(Reprint ed; Touchstone; 1998).Known for his work in psychiatry and communitybuilding, Dr. Peck has used his medicalknowledge to inspire others.

Path to Healing

Born on May 22, 1936, in New York City,Dr. Peck graduated magna cum laude fromHarvard University and went on to pursuehis medical degree at Case WesternReserve University School of Medicine.After graduating, Dr. Peck served in theArmy Medical Reserve. By the end of his 9-year tenure with the Army, he was servingas the assistant chief of psychiatry and aneurology consultant to the surgeon generalof the Army, was ranked as a lieutenantcolonel, and had obtained theMeritorious Service Medal.

Afterwards, he continued psychiatry inprivate practice and began to write aboutthe motivational tales he found in hiswork. Dr. Peck soon became a nationallyrecognized authority on the relationshipbetween religion and science. His insightsdraw on his interaction with patients, ingovernment and private practice, anddeftly combine spirituality to extend not adefinitive life road map, but fundamentalpoints of consideration to provoke introspection,and in turn, a more mature senseof self and community.

Universal Quotes

One of Dr. Peck's lifelong ambitions wasto assist in community building. To thisend, he and his wife Lily established theFoundation for Community Encouragement(www.fce-community.org), whichdefines community building as a "grouppractice whereby participants experienceand practice communication skills thatcreate the possibility for deep humanconnection."As a result of his trailblazingwork, Dr. Peck received severalpeacemaking awards.

The Road Less Traveled

Dr. Peck's words resonate with spirituality,and yet, people of all backgrounds canfind inspiration from them. A handful ofquotes from follow,which may give even the busiest physician-investor a moment for reflection:

• "A life of total dedication to thetruth also means a life of willingness to bepersonally challenged."

• "If we feel ourselves valuable, thenwe will feel our time to be valuable, and ifwe feel our time to be valuable, then wewill want to use it well."

• "Problems do not go away. Theymust be worked through or else theyremain, forever a barrier to the growthand development of the spirit."

• "We must be willing to fail and toappreciate the truth that often life is nota problem to be solved, but a mystery tobe lived."

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