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Radmila Choate, PhD, MPH | Credit: University of Kentucky
Study Finds Stable Long-Term HRQoL in Patients with AATD-Associated Lung Disease

May 30th 2024

Patients with AATD-associated lung disease on augmentation therapy participating in a health management program experienced negligible changes in self-perceived health status.

Elizabeth Sapey, MBBS, PhD | Credit: University of Birmingham
Traditional Assessment Tools May Underestimate Cardiovascular Risk in AATD

May 29th 2024

Alan Bonder, MD | Credit: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Alan Bonder, MD: Phase 2 Data for Combination Obeticholic Acid, Bezafibrate in PBC

May 28th 2024

Arun Sanyal, MD | Credit: Virginia Commonwealth University
REGENERATE: Final Results for Obeticholic Acid for Pre-Cirrhotic Fibrosis Due to NASH

May 21st 2024

| Image Credit: LinkedIn
Microbiota-Focused Dietary Modulation May Improve MAFLD Management

May 19th 2024

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