Female Millionaires

Physician's Money Digest, Nov30 2004, Volume 11, Issue 22

The Millionaire

Next Door

Millionaire Women Next Door

According to the latest book from Dr.Thomas Stanley, coauthor of (Andrews McMeelPublishing; 2001), women millionairesare even stingier than men. In his newbook, (Andrews McMeel Publishing; 2004),Dr. Stanley notes that, despite a networth of $2.9 million and a householdincome of more than $240,000 a year,the average female millionaire hasnever spent more than $300,000 for ahouse or paid more than $139 for apair of shoes. More than half of thesewomen are less likely to go out andbuy a new outfit than have their oldclothes mended or altered. How cheapis cheap? One millionaire woman putoff replacing an old dryer with a brokendoor for 10 years, using a discardedpiece of lumber to hold the doorshut instead.