PRN: What's Your Financial IQ?

Physician's Money DigestNov30 2004
Volume 11
Issue 22


As all of us know from personal experience,ours is a test-obsessed society—from the SATs to 's"What Is Your Sexual IQ?" We hatethem, but we're fascinated by them, sowe do them. We especially can't resistthe guilty pleasure of a fast magazine-typeversion that carries no consequences,particularly if no one else has tosee the results. As a public service gestureand a bit of a break, I have developeda somewhat tongue-and-cheekquiz to rapidly assess some of your financialknowledge. The process will take justa minute and should be more fun thanfunctional, if you're the scoring type,and what doctor isn't?

  • Something that makes you say, "How can I get in on it?"
  • Lead you to wonder, "How can Iget some?"
  • Leads you to inquire, "How can Iget in on it?"
  • This makes you ask, "How can I become a CEO?"
  • Three words: last ditch lotto.

If you have kept track of youranswers, score 10 points for each.Notice I didn't say for which answer orwhat a normative total implies. That'sthe way it goes in financial affairs. Butbe of good cheer; everyone in my classreceives an A!

Jeff Brown, MD, CPE, a practicing

physician who is a partner on

the Stanford University Graduate

School of Business Alumni Consulting

Team, teaches in the Stanford

School of Medicine Family

Practice Program. He welcomes questions or

comments at

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