Did You Know?

Physician's Money DigestNov30 2004
Volume 11
Issue 22

(Time, 2004)

49%—Percentage of all US-sold beer that is made by Anheuser-Busch.

(Forbes, 2004)

97%—Percentage of all lab research animals that are rats or mice.

(New York Post, 2004)

84%—Percentage of all New York City taxi drivers who are foreignborn.

(New York Post, 2004)

49%—Percentage of all US taxi drivers who have a college degree.

(Harris Poll, 2004)

59%—Percentage of Americans with a positive view of British PrimeMinister Tony Blair.

(Harris Poll, 2004)

14%—Percentage of Americans with a positive view of FrenchPresident Jacques Chirac.

(AARP, 2004)

$47,909—Median size of an inheritance received by a baby boomer.

(American Demographics, 2004)

76%—Percentage of Americans who use their workplace Internet forpersonal activities.

New York Post, 2004)

$1.2 million—Recent price for a seat on the New York StockExchange. (

(Time, 2004)

$6.1 billion—Total annual spending on gambling in Las Vegas, Nev.

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