Risky Investments?

Physician's Money DigestNov30 2004
Volume 11
Issue 22


What's the risk of an individual stockyou own turning turkey? What's the risklevel for your entire portfolio? AtRiskGrades (www.riskgrades.com), youcan get a risk analysis for a stock, bond,mutual fund, or your overall portfolio.Risk grades range from zero, the leastrisky, to 1000 or more, the most risky.The more aggressive your portfolio, thehigher the risk grade will be. A reasonablyaggressive portfolio may score 100or more on the risk scale. In contrast,conservative holdings may earn a 25. Inrating investments within the portfolio,the program assigns higher risk gradesto individual stocks and bonds asopposed to mutual funds. At theRiskGrades Web site, a short questionnairewill assess your risk tolerance andgive you a sample portfolio to match it.

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