The Cadillac CD

Physician's Money DigestNov30 2004
Volume 11
Issue 22

Caveat on the Cadillac:

If you're hankering for a new set ofwheels and have some spare cash lyingaround, you can latch onto a newCadillac SRX just by putting $400,000into a 5-year CD with New YorkCommunity Bancorp. Haven't got 400big ones? A $100,000 CD will put youinto a new Pontiac Sunfire. In an effortto lure retail customers, many banks areoffering a wide range of incentives foropening CDs or checking accounts, fromnew cars to DVD players to free airlinetickets. The CDpays only 1% in interest. With the 5-year US Treasury bond yielding around3.5%, the lower rate on the CD will costyou more than $50,000 in lost interestover the 5 years.

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