Gain Club Power with a Flexed Right Leg

Physician's Money DigestNov30 2004
Volume 11
Issue 22

Maintaining a consistent spineangle during your swing is thesecret to full swing success. Toaccomplish this, you will need to keepyour right leg flexed. This will allow yourupper body to turn powerfully over yourlower body, which will create power. Theloss of a consistent right leg positionmeans the loss of a correct spine angle, aswell as an incorrect weight shift and limitedhip motion. So, how's your angle?

Here's an exercise that will help. Pusha golf umbrella into the ground. Coverthe umbrella grip with a head cover andposition the umbrella directly behindyour right knee. Without trying to hit agolf ball, take a few slow swings.

The key is to not feel the umbrellaagainst the back of your right knee. If youfeel it, your right leg is straightening. Thepressure must be maintained on the insideof your right thigh and right foot. Theright knee must stay anchored inside theright foot during the entire swing.Keeping the right leg flexed creates a consistent,accurate, and powerful swing.

is a corporate event

professional for Fortune 500 companies

such as American Express,

IBM, and Nike. A current Professional

Golfers' Association (PGA)

tour instructor, Mr. Davies has

coached players on professional tours worldwide

and has coached winners on the PGA, European,

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Adrian Davies

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