Shop Online for the Best Deals on Electronics

Physician's Money DigestFebruary 2006
Volume 13
Issue 2

When it comes to shopping forelectronics, such as TVs, DVDplayers, and digital cameras,big retailers like Best Buyaren't necessarily the bestbuy. Internet retailers are gainingground on the traditionalbrick-and-mortar stores with a dedicationto customer service, wider productselection, and low prices. Consumers,, and among the best Web sites for electronicspurchases. Online stores make it abit easier to comparison shop as well, simplyby looking up the product on differentWeb sites, as opposed to driving around toseveral different stores to find the bestdeal. However, traditional stores still havean advantage in a few areas. Buying onlinemeans you'll have to pay shipping costs,which can be significant if you're buying alarge product such as a big screen TV.Online retailers may also have stricterreturn policies. If you need to return somethingto a regular store, you just put it backin the box and take it there. If you have toreturn something you bought online, you'llhave to package it up and mail it back,costing you more money and time. Also,store chains have the advantage of installationservices, which you may need if youpurchase certain products.

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