Recognize and Combat the Major Causes of Debt

Physician's Money DigestFebruary 2006
Volume 13
Issue 2

Many Americans, physicians included,find themselves mired in debt for more thanjust one reason. But what are the top causesof debt? lists the number-onereason as having a reduced incomewhile incurring the same level of expenses.For people who experience an incomereduction, they need to adjust their financesaccordingly to avoid sinking deeper into afinancial hole. Another top reason for debtis simply bad money management. Spendingwithout a budget or not knowing exactlyhow your money is coming and going canlead to hundreds of dollars being spentunnecessarily each month. Managing yourfinances will help you make more thoughtfuldecisions with your money. Also, if youhave a family, you need to communicatewith your spouse and children about allexpenditures, making sure no surprise debtis being racked up. Other causes of debt,according to, are divorce,gambling, medical expenses, saving too littleor not at all, and banking on a financialwindfall, such as an inheritance, that maynot actually come about.

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