Retailers Cater to Mature, Prosperous Shoppers

Physician's Money DigestFebruary 2006
Volume 13
Issue 2

Wall Street


Traditionally, retailers have used a generalapproach when it comes to providing discountsand services to their older customers.But, according to the , nowadays businesses are startingto customize their shopping experiences forthe mature crowd. For instance, HomeDepot has announced that they will launcharound 80 in-store kiosks that will providehow-to tips on home modification for over-50 customers so they can make a smoothertransition into their retirement years andlive more comfortably. Online retailers areaccommodating the mature crowds as well.In a survey conducted in 2004, it was foundthat 91% of consumers aged 55 to 64 yearssay they are more likely to continue shoppingwith an online retailer if they have aconvenient process for returning items. Totake advantage of this, Newgistics, Inc,based out of Austin, Tex, sells online retailersproducts to simplify returns. The customermerely sticks a Newgistics bar codelabel (which comes with the order) on thepackage they're returning, and both thereturn and refund are expedited.

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