Sign Your Mortgage on the Digital Dotted Line

Physician's Money DigestNovember 2006
Volume 13
Issue 11

Physician-homebuyers who are takenaback by the mountains of paperworkrequired to secure a mortgage will behappy to know that they will soon be ableto quickly and conveniently go through theentire process online. CNNMoney.compoints out that these e-mortgages havebeen gaining a lot of momentum andshould be widely available within the nextfew years, offering several advantagesover traditional paper mortgages. An e-mortgagecan save a lot of time by notonly eliminating immense paperwork, butby transferring forms nearly instantly andallowing more than one person to accessand work on them. This can slash processingtime from nearly 6 weeks to 2 or 3weeks. There is also just one set of standardizedforms to fill out. An e-mortgagecan save as much money as time. The eliminationof all that paperwork cuts down ondelivery costs and the cost of quality control,reducing the amount of employeesrequired to process it. These savingsshould get passed on to the homebuyer inthe form of lower fees and interest rates.

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