Flipping Over Potentially Profitable Web Sites

Physician's Money DigestNovember 2006
Volume 13
Issue 11

Business 2.0

Physicians seeking a profit from turninga dilapidated house into a delightful domicilehave been making money through flipsfor years. Now in our digital age, a newkind of flipping has popped up that canalso be quite lucrative. According to, forward-thinking businesspeopleare buying bare-bones Web sites,beefing up the style and function, boostingtraffic, and selling the URL to another companyfor a generous profit. The tech-focusedpublishing company SitePoint is apopular launching pad for Internet flips.For a minimum charge of $10, site ownerscan list their dysfunctional Web pages forsale, which can then be bid on or purchasedby Internet-savvy entrepreneurs.These sites increase in value by buildingtraffic with advertising and through arrangementswith sites that target a similaraudience of Web surfers. This should raisehits to the site, making it much more valuable.While Web sites aren't as structurallysound as homes are, flipping them can bejust as lucrative to tech-knowledgeablecapitalists.

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