Know Your Credit Score to Stay One Step Ahead

Physician's Money DigestNovember 2006
Volume 13
Issue 11

Simply put:

Why is it important that you know yourcredit score? because lendersdo. With all the hype in the media aboutcredit concerns, obtaining personal creditreports still remains off the radar for mostAmericans. TransUnion's recently commissionedRoper Public Affairs to gauge howmuch Americans really know about theirown credit. "Despite a heightened presenceof credit topics in the media, Americansknow shockingly little about theirown credit," said John Danaher, presidentof TransUnion's "Peopleneed to understand that knowing yourcredit score and what is contained in yourcredit report is just as important as knowingyour bank balance or the value of your401(k), and it's never been easier to do."When asked if they know their credit score,only 19% of respondents could provide ananswer falling inside the correct scoringrange, while 64% report they simply do notknow their score. The survey revealed thatclose to half of respondents never checktheir credit reports, and one in five says theycheck their reports less than once a year.Not knowing your credit score can be a setbackwhen applying for a mortgage, loan, orother credit. It's important to know aheadof time, especially to determine if there areany inaccuracies.'s missionis to help consumers understand and managetheir credit. Through online educationalmaterials, free monthly newsletters, andeasy-to-use credit products, TrueCredit.comeducates consumers about credit managementand empowers them to improve theirborrowing habits.

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