Physician's Money DigestNovember 2006
Volume 13
Issue 11

26%—Percentage of Americancouples who are expected to have destinationweddings in 2006. (Time, 2006)

$900—Average total cost for aguest to attend a destination wedding.(Time, 2006)

$453 billion—Amountapproved by the Senate AppropriationsCommittee in a bill for the DefenseDepartment's yearly budget, whichbegan October 1, 2006. (AssociatedPress, 2006)

4.5%—Percentage of total USWeb site visits racked up by top-rankedMySpace during the week endingJuly 8, ahead of Yahoo Mail.(Newsweek, 2006)

$877—Amount of online retailspending per US consumer in 2005.(Entrepreneur, 2006)

$1512—Amount of online retailspending per US consumer anticipatedin 2009. (Entrepreneur, 2006)

38%—Percentage of all "avid"NBA fans who are women. (ChangeAgent, 2006)

70%—Percentage of American parentswho consider it absolutely essentialto teach their children to save andspend carefully. (Renaissance, 2006)

31%—Percentage of family businessesworldwide that will changeownership within the next 10 years.(Citigroup Pursuits, 2006)

49%—Percentage of family businessesworldwide without successionplans. (Citigroup Pursuits, 2006)

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