Holiday Gift Guide

Physician's Money DigestNovember 2006
Volume 13
Issue 11

It can still be a struggle finding that perfect gift, especiallywhen you are a busy physician with no time to shop. Thefollowing are some "off the beaten path" gift ideas thatmay help in your search for the perfect present.

Inka Pen

The case of the disappearing pen is amystery that so many busy physiciansface both in the office and onthe go. And if you are an adventurousdoctor with a penchant for penningthoughts in the middle of thewild, an ordinary pen can hardly stepup to the task. For pen seekers of allwalks of life, the Inka pen should bea constant companion. Made of carbonfiber and 304-stainless steel, this pen is built to withstand harsh environmentsand is attachable to clothing, gear, or a key ring. The Inka pen is compact and can beassembled to the length of a regular-sized pen, and it can write at any angle and inany situation—even underwater.$25; 303-443-5121;


Do you know someonewhose life has been completelychanged by an iPod?Or perhaps you cannot imaginelife without an MP3 playerclose by. For iPod aficionadoslooking to spruce uptheir gear, ChicBuds may bethe way to go. These earbuds,which are fairly comparablein size and sound quality toother buds, are bedeckedwith Swarovski crystals, addinga little sparkle to your listening experience. The best feature of this accessory isthe retractable wires, which help prevent tangling—just be sure to pull from bothends at the same time when expanding the retracting wires. Now you can look ever-so-stylish while listening to downloaded podcasts.$46.00;

Swiss+Tech BodyGard

As a doctor, you know firsthand that disaster can strikeanyone at anytime. If you are looking for a way to protectyourself or your loved one from some of life'spotential dangers, you maywant to consider Swiss+Tech'shandy little safety gadget,BodyGard. The size of akeychain, BodyGard is a5-in-1 emergency tool kitthat is designed to helpdrivers escape from their vehicles when the windows or doors fail to operate. Itcombines an automatic glass breaker, a seat belt cutter, sound alarm, and a smallflashlight in a compact design that fits in the palm of your hand. BodyGard is aninexpensive way to protect you and your loved ones from the unexpected.$24.95;

Black & Decker Alligator Lopper™

There are some power toolsthat even the least handy ofpeople can't help but gawk at.The Alligator Lopper™fits thebill. For those physicians whoare weekend warriors, a toolwith this kind of power andinnovation can help you tamethe most stubborn treebranches and reap the rewardby enjoying a crackling firefueled by the fruit of yourlabor. The Alligator's innovativeclamping jaws grab andcut in one easy motion and are powered by a 4.5-amp motor for fast cutting.$99.99; 800-544-6986;

Thos. Moser New Gloucester Rocker

If a day at the office filled with demandingpatients and paperwork has youwishing for simpler days, reach back intime as you rest in this beautifully craftedShaker-style rocking chair. Purchasinga gift of this magnitude is an investmentthat will no doubt be cherished andpassed down from generation to generation.In a world where disposable furniturehas become the norm, this rockingchair stands out as willing to make alifetime commitment to your relaxationneeds. Placed in a sunlit garden room ora quiet den, this deceptively strong pieceof furniture is a fine addition to anyhome. Be sure to order by December 14 for holiday delivery.$1700; 800-862-1973;

Emma Gardner Horizontal 2005 Throw

If you're a physician looking for agift conveying warmth, perhapsyou should consider a stylishthrow. Based on original copyrighteddesigns by Emma Gardner,these new throw blankets aremade of 70% alpaca and 30%wool and are machine woven inPeru. They are 54"wide by 72" long, have a double-stitched hem,and are extremely soft, plush, anddurable. Practicality mixed withsophistication always adds up to a great gift item.$189; 860-567-5201;

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