Basic Types of Leather

Physician's Money Digest, November30 2003, Volume 10, Issue 22

In addition to naturally finished leather (full aniline),there are the following leather styles:

Nubuck (brushed leather): Maintains the softness ofnaturally finished leather while providing a brushedlook and feel with a lush nap. Exhibits natural marksand grain variation. Though more durable than a truesuede, it requires more care than natural leather.

Waxed leather (distressed): Has a top layer of waxapplied, creating an antique, rugged look that agesgracefully over the years. Each piece of distressed furnitureis unique. Natural markings are apparent.

Protected leather (semi-aniline): Has a pigmentedfinish applied to the surface to protect from stains andimprove the consistency of color. It bears a more uniformcolor and texture; natural grain is still evident.Durable, less likely to fade, and easiest to clean and carefor, this is ideal for high-traffic areas.

Information provided by American Leather.